Ducted Air Conditioning System

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ducted systemDucted systems also have 2 parts and interconnecting piping. They come in many sizes to suit most multi roomed areas. The fan coil unit is placed within your ceiling space, and this is piped to the condensing unit outside. Ductwork runs from the fan coil unit to outlets in each area. It is usually not possible to install a ducted system in the downstairs of a 2 story house without modifications. Ducted systems can be installed either for the whole of your home, or on a day/night system where air is diverted to either sleeping areas or living areas. This is usually not practical where young children sleep during the day. Most larger area ducted systems require the installation of 3 phase power.

If you are thinking of installing a ducted air conditioning system in your house or your office, we are recommending either the Hitachi or the Daikin Inverter ducted air conditioners. Both manufacturers' inverter technology provide the comfort of precise temperature control, reduce energy consumption and quiet indoor and outdoor units.